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Why not have an once-in-a-lifetime evening under the Igloo ?

Dare to have an original evening, and come spend the night under an igloo at Village Igloo

With a reservation only

on the program…

snow racket hike to warm up

Meet at the Cabriolet ski-lift where a mountain guide will be waiting for you. They will provide you with the rackets and a head torch for safety. 

During the 15 minute walk, enjoy the beautiful starry ski.

after the effort, relax

We welcome you into the igloo for a warming drink of hot wine after your walk. The team members will tell you a little about the igloo's history, legends and even how to build one! You can take a look at the magnificent 150mIce Grotto, which is covered in professionally sculpted snow and ice figures. Embark upon a wonderful discovery!

a warming meal

It's time to take a seat in our beautiful dining room and enjoy the tasty aperitifs. A wide range of drinks are available, with or without alcohol, and a polar tapas to compliment your drink of choice.

Afterwards, devour the delicious and traditional savoyarde cheese fondue, which will warm your senses! 

an extra-ordinary evening

It's a night filled with emotions! After star-gazing a little bit more, make yourself comfortable in our duvets specially made for cold weather. Spend the night at Village Igloo Les Arcs!

We have two bedrooms which you will love! We can sleep up to 8 people per night, so don't wait any longer to book.

a priviledged breakfast

Start the day well! Have breakfast on our outdoor terrace

which has panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. 

Enjoy a moment of silence,

as you watch the rest of the ski slope wake up slowly.

Tarif for a night stay

We have two types of bedrooms which are comfy and cosy. you will sleep on ice beds covered in animal skin, which keep out the cold. The special duvets are designed for polar exhibitions, so don't worry about being chilly at night!


We can accommodate up to 8 people per night. 

Our two bedrooms are either Duo (2 people) or Camp de Base (4 people).


Timetable: from 19:00 to 08:30 the next morning


  • Duo room Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday from 358,50€
  • Duo room Saturday from 427,80€
  • Camp de Base room (3 people) Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday from 430,60€
  • Camp de Base room (3 people) Saturday from 514,60€


  • Camp de Base (4 people) room Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Sunday from 517,80€
  • Camp de base room (4 people) Saturday from 617,80€

The rates for a night at Village Igloo Les Arcs includes:

The ski racket snow walk with a mountain guide, dinner, 1/3 of wine, hotel & breakfast.


This experience is not recommended for children under 5 and pregnant women.